Check the instructional video below on how to use the Youtube Rank Checker.

The Youtube Rank Checker is an effective web-based/online tool to, as the name says, instantly check your video rank for a specific keyword on Youtube. To successfully track the Youtube Rank of a video all you need to do is fill in the provided form on the homepage of our website. On the Video Link paste the youtube video url, an usual error would be to paste it with the https and not http - https is not supported by our ranker.

After filling in the Video Link just write the Keyword you want to examined, now Select How Many Videos you want to check from the top 20 videos until the top 100. Having selected you must fill in in a captcha to protect from mass spam or robots so that our tracker does not overload. That's it, hit the Submit button and you should get the Page and Position of your video for the specified keyword on Youtube!